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  • Strato-Vani and Rudy Giovannini TV special to air in Belgium

    Posted on 18 December, 2012 by admin in Events.

    Strato-Vani and Rudy Giovannini will air a TV special on Christmas Day on Ment TV. The Belgian orchestra recorded an album of songs based on Johann Strauss melodies in 2012, and performed together in a special show recorded at the Flanders Expo in Ghent, called “Strato-Vani in Wien” (Strato-Vani in Vienna). Other guests at the […]

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  • Julie Andrews to host Vienna New Year’s concert

    Posted on 6 December, 2012 by admin in Events.

    Legendary actress Julie Andrews will host the the Vienna Philharmonic’s traditional Vienna New Year’s concert program to be broadcast on January 1 on PBS in the US.  The Vienna Philharmonic showcases Viennese musical culture at the highest level, and since the first television broadcast in 1959, has sent the world a New Year’s greeting in […]

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