Censors to rate André Rieu concert show?

Strauss maestro André Rieu

André Rieu, courtesy of Decca Records

I can’t think this is going to be a problem, but thought it was funny enough to mention. Councillors in the British town of Wurkington will sit down soon and watch the video of André Rieu’s “King of the Waltz” concert soon – all two and half hours of it.

The reason is simple: they have to give a rating to the show as it will be shown in a local cinema. So it’s important that they give it one of five ratings between Universal or age 18. Yet this is a repeat showing of an event that was  already screened in July of this year!

Rating only lasts seven days

Talking to the News & Star newspaper, a representative of the city council said, “The cinema would like to encore the cinema broadcast of Andre Rieu’s Maastricht Concert on August 13. However, as this is a broadcast via satellite, the BBFC rating only lasts from seven days of the live screening, which took place on July 19, meaning that the encore date of August 13 is outside of this certification.”

It’s not likely that the rating will suddenly jump to 18+. But one never knows!




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