Harry Coseman brings Wiener Blut to life

“Wiener Blut” has been re-aranged and played loads of times, but never quite like the version that the Belgian singer Harry Coseman just released. For the debut single from the upcoming album “The Voice of Strauss”, he has taken the tune from Wiener Blut, added lyrics and shot the video on Santa Monica beach (anyone remember the TV series Baywatch?). This is Strauss, Jim, but not as we know it.

“Come to Me” is a light romantic call, sung in a light, romantic way by Coseman. His years spent singing the Great American Songbook with a jazz outfit and more recently Flemish easy listening were not wasted. The strings are given a soft touch, leaving his voice centre-front.

But why Santa Monica? Isn’t “Come to Me” more suitable for a Viennese palace? According to the press release, Coseman says, “Why pretend we are in the 19th century? These are more interesting times.”

“Come to Me” will be followed by a number of singles before the release of the CD later in the year.

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  1. Super gedaan ,,,,,mooi nuziek en super gezongen,,,,,,van onze Harry,,,,,

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