Viva Strauss re-enters Belgian classical charts

Rudy Giovannini singing Strauss with Strato-Vani
Rudy Giovannini singing Strauss with Strato-Vani during the TV special

“Viva Strauss”, the album of Strauss melodies recorded by Strato-Vani with the Italian tenor Rudy Giovannini, has re-entered the Belgian music charts for a second time. The album, recorded in Belgium in the summer of 2012, has already spent over 20 weeks in the charts, even reaching the n° 1 position.

Memorable Strauss melodies

“Viva Strauss” is a celebration of the most memorable of the Strauss melodies, including tunes by Johann Strauss father and son as well as Edward. Until now, a complete album of this material with lyrics had never been recorded. The writers, which include Marc Cortens and Irish lyricist Michael Leahy, created a sound that is both respectful of the original material and very modern. “As the Strauss family were very much of their time, they often incorporated contemporary themes in their work,” says Leahy. “We continued the concept by including songs about speed dating (The Speed Date Polka) and Internet privacy (The Chit Chat Polka). It makes for an album with buckets of romance – and some fun.”

The album has been released in its German version, re-worked by four German lyricists, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The original versions will follow later. “Viva Strauss” is also the subject of a one-hour TV special which went out first on Belgian TV on Christmas Day, with other screenings following in the month after that.

The Strato-Vani orchestra will feature large extracts of Viva Strauss at their upcoming 10th year anniversary concert at Flanders Expo (Belgium) on May 27, 2013. Details

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UPDATE: The album re-entered the classical chart yet again on August 9, 2013 at the 12th position. It is now just one week from having been in the charts for a totl of six months!

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