The first Microsoft Windows Waltz

Rainer Hersch puts the Windows theme to music

British-German conductor and comedian Rainer Hersch is probably best known as a comic. But there is always a serious music edge to the laughs. In this video, he makes an attempt to upgrade the Windows theme. Or maybe it’s the previous Windows theme; I can’t remember what Windows 10 sounds like – do I have to crash it to find out? It’s cute, it’s clever and as a waltz, it works quite nicely, before crashing.

All classical music explained

Rainer Hersch windows waltzRainer has been touring on the back of successes such as ‘All Classical Music Explained’ (ACME) – a “simple and stupid approach” to the difficult subjects “How to play instruments without practicing”; “Why is organ music so boring?” and “What do conductors actually do?”  The result was an immediate hit with all kinds of audiences.  In a 55-date tour across three continents, the show attracted rave reviews. He followed it up with a series called ACME: The Masterclass. In the UK, he is also known for his work on radio and with the Comic Relief charity and his tribute to that other great musician and comedian, Victor Borge.

Although we don’t know if Rainer Hersch still plays the “Microsoft Windows Waltz” in his shows, you can find out more about Rainer Hersch on his website (or skip straight to the Rainer Hersch concert dates – it currently lists concert dates in the UK and Germany).

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