A webinar to discover the musical history of the waltz

Although the waltz can feel almost natural in its rhythm, in reality there is far more to it than the simple 1-2-3 rhythm. A special webinar by violinist Giacomo Mura, to be held in November 2020, will reveal the history and an appreciation of the waltz as a genre.

What started as a folk dance in the villages near Vienna went on to become a very urban fashion and then under Johann Strauss the Father took Europe by storm. Gone were the peasant roots. The waltz became the dance of European fashion and high society. It infiltrated the classical composers of the day such as Tchaikovsky and firmly anchored itself in popular music.

In the 20th century it went through another transformation in ballroom music – and was again rejuvenated in the 21st century through the many TV dance contests around the world.

Waltz history through the eyes of a violinist

Violinist Giacomo MuraThe guide on the night will be the young Italian violinist and music teacher Giacomo Mura, who studied music in Como under the noted historian Alberto Batisti. “Together we are going to discover it all,” he says. “A 150-year long trip through the youth and the prime of the greatest dance of all time. Music won’t sound the same to you after this webinar!”

The event will take place in English and is organised by Musedu in Austria.

When:Wednesday, 25th November 2020, 18:00-19:30 hrs (CET)
Where:Online (Zoom)
The link will be shared after registration/payment.
Fee:€ 20,– per person
Registration:Mail to office@musedu.at or register directly here

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