Harry Coseman: Blue Danube of Mine

Belgium’s Harry Coseman – known as the Voice of Strauss – has released the second release from his upcoming album: “Blue Danube of Mine”. The track is obviously a reworking of the Strauss waltz done with a light modern feel.

For the video, the singer travelled to Los Angeles, singing the Viennese masterpiece from the bed of the so-called “dry river” – a drainage channel that has been used in movies as diverse as “Terminator” and “Grease”.

The track will also be part of an upcoming TV special called “Strauss vs Strauss”, detailing the lives and scandals of the Strauss family.

Although there are no other sung version of the Blue Danube in circulation, it’s a little-known fact that the earliest version of the tune was for a Viennese male choir. As far as we know, there are no known recordings of this version.

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